More than 1 portfolio

I really like trading 212 and the new autoinvest is a really nice feature :grinning:

My question: would it be possible to make for example 2 or 3 portfolios so in the first one you can have a dividend strategy in the second all shares which are just growing companies and in the 3 one you can have autoinvest running?

This would be very cool😍
You know what I mean?



Yes, it will be possible :slight_smile:


Nice👌 when do you think this will be released?

Is there any suggested feature you ever say no to? lol


He’s refering to the “pie” update.

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I’d second this idea. I want to create a second portfolio for the money in saving for my daughter and a third for my shared moula with my partner. So end up with three distinct portfolios that I will manage. Keeping them separate to then allow for withdrawal if needed for certain needs eg university.

Any updates on this feature?

This is already possible. You can create multiple pies each with its own goal & schedule.

That’s a pie not a sperate portfolio…

Our main portfolio is still one portfolio, the pies are just away to split them and add auto invests, I don’t think they class as different portfolios maybe Mimi portfolios if at all. Would be nice to have multiple different portfolios and even the options to hide certain share / pots (Portfolios)

Currently, we don’t see enough demand and added value for the user in order to justify the considerable efforts required in order to enable multiple portfolios. I agree that having the option to add an additional level of hierarchy to your investments could be useful in many cases, however, I believe most of them can be handled with pies :slight_smile:


Haha that’s deffo a missed opportunity should do a poll I bet you anything loads of people would love this feature.

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How can it not be done with pies? Pies don’t need to be used with auto-invest, you can import each investment into it and track it in there. I get there are some small things that can’t be done currently but surely if you want separate portfolios that works pretty well.

And George is right, it’s too niche. In what cases would you need to split your personal account with others? They can’t set up their own account. And if it’s a child, then the JISA is really what you’re asking for. But this won’t be here for quite a long time by the looks of it.

How would this poll you suggest work? You can’t just ask if people want or don’t want something? The majority of people will say yes as they don’t see the downside of releasing it. But in reality it’s an opportunity cost of other features.

If you want to see a poll with the JISA, see this:

Its very low in the list, meaning it’s niche. And I can’t think of many other reasons for having a split portfolio account. So I agree with George, there’s much better things for the team to be working on. Of course it would be nice to have everything, but resources are too limited.

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It messes with all your average prices, would be nice to have multiple entry points to track current looses and profits as the current returns stat is useless

What I suggested isn’t even on that voting list so how’s it been voted on?

This is definitely a much needed feature. Every major brokerage has it, it does not make sense to have 50 stock in one bag, you cannot track anything like that. Someone wants to have separate spec stocks, dividend stocks or tech stocks, you name it… To say it is not needed and not many users would want this feature is just tragic, in my opinion


Exactly its hard to manage something when you have a mixed of things going on. Anything over 10 stocks are your stuffed makes the pies features useless personally.


Don’t really see the value in it. Pies let you play with multiple strategies separately if that’s what you want to do and shows the pie level returns to decide which one was a bad idea already

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It would indeed be a great addition! That way I could invest in the separate portfolio for my kids. :ok_hand:t3: And would not get “mixed” with my main investment view.


Yes please more than one portfolio, but not as pie.


IMO, using pies without auto-invest to achieve the OP’s desired outcome would be more digestible if you could buy shares for pie holdings within the pies, without having to invest in the pie as a whole.

If you didn’t want to buy shares for all the holdings in the pie, right now you would have to buy shares outside of the pie and import them. It’s not hard to do, but from a UX perspective, it’s not streamlined.