Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

  • InSpecie Transfer in and out for GIA/ISA.
  • Markets - Australia.
  • Markets - Canada.
  • Markets - Hong Kong.
  • Markets - Japan.
  • Markets - Poland.
  • Pies - Ability to auto invest free funds.
  • Pies - Ability to fund directly by Standing Order/Direct Debit/otherwise for free.
  • Pies - Rich Text Editing / higher word count.
  • Pies - Ability to click through from stock to stock details.
  • Portfolio Data - Charting at Total account and Pie level vs a chosen benchmark ETF.
  • Portfolio Data - Different means of calculating return.
  • Portfolio Data - Upcoming Dividend estimates/actuals.
  • Stocks - Ability to hold ‘notes’.
  • Stocks - Analyst Forecasts.
  • Stocks - Enable users to submit stock icons/requests in app.
  • Stocks - Crypto ETPs for European Users.
  • Stocks - more ETFs.
  • Stocks - add trade currency filter for stocks.
  • Stocks - display performance from inception.
  • Transaction Reporting - Pie level transaction detail(add a column if traded in pie).
  • Transaction Reporting - Custom PDF reports for securities held on a specific open/close date with transactions(to claim company investor perks).
  • SIPPs.
  • Refer A Friend incentives.

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Evening all. Hope everyone had a most excellent Xmas and new year.

I’ve gathered a list of feature suggestions / requests. Now it’s time to see which would be useful to most and see if 212 would be able to focus their efforts on these if achievable, perhaps with forum users helping to beta test.

Get voting! :ballot_box:


Making Pie within a Pie would be cool option too. For example making a USA-stocks-PIE divided into sectors IE: tech, energy, consumer staples - which would be smaller pies IE TECH: Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Nvidia, Intel …

Happy New Year, wish you all nice profits this year :slight_smile:


Could you add Lifetime ISA to the list? Very unlikely but so are most in the list :wink:


Some sort of API to connect services like Simply Wall St. etc would also be very welcome.


Just wanted to clarify what an in-specie transfer in and out for GIA/ISA really means with the definitions below

What is an in-specie transfer? The transfer of an asset in its current form rather than in the equivalent amount of cash. The legal ownership of the asset is transferred from one provider/scheme to another without the need to sell and re-purchase the asset.

In summary without the in-specie transfer in and out for GIA/ISA, no investor can transfer their shares/ETF into/out of T212 invest or ISA account without selling their assets ie liquidating your position first to cash and then transferring cash only between both brokers.

For UK investors, this implies double stamp duty payment where applicable and 4 times FX fees where applicable.


Sorry can’t change it after the first 5 minutes…. I wouldn’t mind a LISA but can’t help thinking it might be a bit niche given the 5k size and potential limited lifespan.

It’s not just UK investors. You also risk mistiming the market movements as well which may not be favourable.

Equally none of these ‘enhancements’ let’s call them have ever been promised. That said I think it’s a good idea to poll them and share with 212, with the hope they may align potential development time with their customers ideas. No point building something people don’t want after all.

This is the kind of thing the forum is built for!

Surprised dividend tracking has such a lead… and poor Poland.

Good work @Dougal1984


You forgot limit sells of fractional shares, which seemed like a popular request.


Great idea to do the poll Dougal. Having been involved in tech all of my career, it’s amazing how many firms take ‘sandbox’ development too literally and don’t engage with their customers enough.

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Still waiting on being able to set limit orders on fractional shares tbh. Suggested it last year and it’s still in the pipeline apparently smh

@hubble2bubble Yeah sorry, I didnt see fractional limit orders in the other thread to add to the poll and cant seem to edit the poll now. Probably a few other things, and tbh they haven’t promised any but you never know if you dont ask!

@CavanHaganInvesting looks like someone felt sorry for Poland :sweat_smile:

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I think greater customisation of Pies, able to reinvest free funds inside pies will be great, makes it way more userfriendly IMO

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Exactly what I was looking for on the list. Was mentioned by 212 almost 2 years ago but not on the list now

None of the above. More price alerts is what I want!

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It’s a good one, but it’s already been rejected by T212.

Good job on the poll mate!

that looks like it may be close because of how limit orders are behaving lately. at least for me on the beta. I place a limit order to sell say 60 shares and I can end up with up to 5 orders for either whole shares or fractional shares OTC

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What’s baffling me about this poll is InSpecie Transfer in and out for GIA/ISA not ranking amongst the top three considering a lot of people having been asking for this feature for soo long.

Not trying to sway anyone’s vote in this free and fair election :rofl: just it would be funny few months down the line to see people still clamouring for this feature when they had the golden opportunity to vote for it :rofl:


Maybe, because there are many of us, that are not from the UK. :wink:

@libreus The ability to transfer stock ownership between brokers without liquidating the asset is useful for anyone who pays capital gains taxes, not limited to the UK. On the two years (!) I have been watching these forums for development status of in-specie transfer, I have seen people from Germany, UK, Spain and lots of other Europeans begging for this to be implemented. Myself, I want this feature to avoid paying capital gains tax on realized profits on shares I want to transfer in/out of my Trading212 account. I pay taxes in Norway.

What I find even more discouraging is that Trading212 even had this on their roadmap for 3Q2021, then postponed it every consecutive quarter until 2Q2022. At least I think that is the last time they had it on any timeline, before it became unbound from time.

I am so hopeful that they will finally see how many people want this feature, so this poll makes me somewhat hopeful. However, I am still super disappointed about how they have handled the matter in the past.