Large capital investwd


I have used trading212 for trading CFDs and have used the demo accounts for a few years now.

I am looking to invest a substantial amount into stocks (approx £50k). My only concern is that the company doesn’t have the financial backing as say a company such as Hargreaves Landsdown. I do a lot of trading and the fees that they charge are eating substantially into my profits. I love using Trading 212’s interface and actually use it when I’m trading on HL. I thought it may as well be worth moving a lump sum into my account here. Does anyone else have a portfolio with over £20k in? And do you feel secure?

This is in no way meant to be a criticism of the platform as I think it’s superb it’s just when we are talking tens of thousands of pounds security of my capital is number one priority.


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Can T212 staff give the community here some stats on account sizes? Or reassurances? I would understand that might be of commercial sensitivity. I too would be interested to know if people hold accounts here of value > £50k, £200k or £1m. Or are such large accounts only trusted to long-existing well-known platforms like HL, Interactive Investor, AJ Bell, some of which are large publicallly owned companies? I guess if people are now hold maximum ISA allowances on T212 there must be prople with > £20k accounts. Personally, I would feel content with £20k on T212. Not yet sure about £5m.

Few points to consider:

  • Up to £85,000, your funds are protected by the FSCS.

  • Client funds are held into a segregated account. The balance has to check every single day.

  • This is a heavily regulated and monitored business - we are continuously feeding the FCA with various reports.

  • We’ve been audited by Grant Thornton, the UK’s fifth-largest accounting firm.

  • We have many clients with hundreds of thousands in cash and equity with us.

  • We’ve been in this business for 15 years.

  • We are opening more investing accounts than any other broker in the UK.

  • We are profitable even now while we are growing at a rapid pace.


Thanks for the reply Alex that is good to know. As I say I do really enjoy the platform and think it’s the market leader in its execution and general simplicity making it ideal for new traders.