400,000+ funded Invest and ISA accounts

My main issue that T212 we cant find most of the companies.

If T212 adds as many companies as possible specifically from US thenI dont think users will want to move to other apps.

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Don’t they bring out like 300 new companies every week?

Where would they move?

To Robinhood, as they are working on launching it to UK

There is only 2457 stocks listed.

I think they have increased the speed in adding more companies but notsure about the numbers.

That’s how many are categorised, there’s so many more that haven’t been sorted into categories

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Robinhood looks to be launching with a limited US only universe, no UK stocks, no ISA.

If you’re worried about not being able to find companies, Robinhood will not be the answer.

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:+1: thanks for the info

:+1: so it means there is more than 2457 stock in T212

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Please can you now prioritise JISA now that autoinvest is live? I have got 2 extra accounts I wish to add for my kid’s investments. I am sure the number of accounts will at least jump by a quarter if that was implemented. And if you throw in SIPPs I’ve also got a couple more accounts to add :blush:.
JISA + SIPP + Autoinvest = Investment Paradise :wink:

I am no expert in M1 Finance, but from what I seen in videos, M1 doesnt have Limit orders yet? Maybe in pipeline?? Also they have either early market orders or late market orders? Not sure if that is just for auto invest or mean in general you cannot place market order when you wish.

Robinhood I have not checked. But comparing to FreeTrade or Revolut, T212 is space shuttle to Mars, while the mentioned are old Yugo…

Would you be comfortable having all your financial wealth under 1 platform?

Just curious.

Absolutely. As long as it is a regulated and reputable platform. Currently I have my SIPP and JISAs with Hargreaves and Landsdown. Their commissions and charges are eating into my investment too much and the cost of rebalancing portfolios is too high. With T 212 you have a lot of flexibility and you can utilise the full value of your investment.

Yeah that’s what I was saying;

But it’s hard to compete on saturated markets when consumers are content. Imagine trying to get people to start drinking your brand of drink when they’ve been drinking Coca Cola all their life. They’ll see no reason to change. You need to do something special to make people change when they have no issue with what they already have

That’s the same with me for my Lifetime ISA. Really hope Trading 212 get it some time soon so I can get out of HL

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Maybe if we can rally enough support from the community it might get bumped up the priority list :smirk: Shall we start a campaign?


Hahaha was a long time ago I asked but they said they already were working on them all, they just didn’t want to rush it out

I know, I did ask about it 6 months ago and they said it would be 6 to 9 months :blush: So we may not have long to wait. Maybe if it wasn’t for Covid-19 it’d be out by now :joy:. I suppose with the complex regulations and compliance requirements it is not as straightforward to implement. On a positive note, this is a good exercise as an investor to practice patience :grin:


I had plenty of practice with the pie BETA :yum:

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:joy:Yeah that’s true, same here. For me the pie feature is like the cell phone : before they came onto the market we got along fine without them, but once they came out we don’t know how we survived without them :joy::joy:and now they are an extension of our bodies.

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