44 payments ! - It is time Trading212 paid withdrawals with just ONE PAYMENT


Every time I withdraw from Trading212 I receive multiple payment.

I did a withdrawal yesterday and received 44 payments, 44 notifications. This can’t be right because you then have to add up all those payments to make sure you received what you withdrew.

It is time Trading212 paid withdrawals with just ONE PAYMENT.

There is nothing right about sending 44 payments for just one withdrawal.

So that is my FEATURE REQUEST for today.



Agree it confused me at first but I suspect it’s to do with how they deal with the AML requirements. Betfair used to do this years ago as well, bit of a pain in the hoop to reconcile tbh.


Probably you are/have used card top up, so now they refund amount based on historical top ups.

Maybe as it is cheaper due to transaction costs, refund vs send, or that is the only way due to regulations. Maybe someone expert in card payments could shed some light.

If you use bank transfers to fund , then you have no such issues.