Money withdrawal

Seriously hope trading 212 could allow user to choose which method that we would like to withdraw our money.
Withdrawing back to credit me, is a huge issue. Sadly, I don’t aware this issue while doing testing, I’m so so so regret of it.

Unfortunately it is a financial regulation issue dictated by AML laws.

Otherwise money laundering would be too easy to deposit from your semi-legitimate dodgy “source-x” and withdraw into rock solid “target y” and “target y” has no complaints because the funds are coming from a legitimate business.

Well, honestly - if you want to use CC for top up/points. You can top up on Revolut, then just do debit/bank wire to T212.

Thanks for the idea. Actually Im fine with using bank transfer, just that I don’t aware this issue before CC testing. Is there any way I can withdraw the money back to my bank instead of CC now? I don’t dare to use CC anymore :sob:

contact support,
they’ll ask for some documents to switch the payment method (for both deposit and withdraw)

I don’t know which country you are in but for UK, I find the debit cards most convenient.

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Thank you for your help!

Can you withdraw to a differnt account of the same type or literaly in out same account our of curiosity?

Just thinking as I use more than one account to fund mine and curious how it works for withdrawing?

so can you withdraw back into your bank or not?

Currently funds are sent towards source of funding, ie if you use multiple cards to fund and you decide to withdraw everything, it would be distributed across those same source of deposit.

I haven’t personally tested, but if bank wire is single source of deposit, on withdrawal it should refund via bank wire. As per AML even if you have cards used, should transfer back via Bank wire the part of funding via bank wire

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