Vaccine companies stocks

Has anyone invested in vaccine stocks? AZN, Pfizer etc. what is the likely forecast?

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I think the vaccine is a bit of a trap to invest in a company specifically for that, as it could go well or could go very badly. For example AZN news came out today and thats down 3.24% for the day, as guessing it wasn’t as effective as people wanted OR as often it was already overbought. It has slid about 10% in under 2 weeks.

However many of these companies will be solid regardless of short term vaccine volatilty. I am not in AZN but would be open to it at a lower price. I think Pfizer (vaccine aside) is at a good price and also other pharma like JnJ and Merck, for income arguably GSK (no vaccine at all i dont think?) is a great income play for the dividend at these low prices. Do your research but my 2ps worth.

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I agree with you there, but I’m no expert at all in all honesty.

If I was looking for a healthcare I’d base it on your usual decision making process.

The real money to be made could potentially be in the distribution of the vaccine in the USA. I’m guessing there would only be a limited amount of companies in the US that could distribute to different states, to then move onto local distribution at the required temperature.

The UK could differ on the distribution side due to the Oxford vaccine being effective at room temperature. We would also have a more cohesive approach to distribution due to our political system.

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