4Imprint - LSE - Bagger

This is a bargain, just putting it out there. I’m going to start adding to this.

Any thoughts or opinions from others?


Not familiar with these guys. You thinking a recovery play?

Can’t see it, revenue is down 34%, and so is the SP give or take comparing like for like. What’s the expectation for a recovery play / hike?

You can’t see it…No Debt…Year on year growth…ROCE mad numbers…they will pick up with their smaller counterparts fail. Simple product to understand.

This is Covid short term affect.

This is how you make money not Tesla.

If its such a bargain, why advertise it to others before you have a holding. Surely that only serves to be counter productive and inflations your buy price?

Yeah because retail traders on here are going to inflate the price…if only I was that influential :joy:

Happy weekend :rofl:

I would maybe look into it a bit more. A rising tide lifts all ships and all. Make sure this one doesn’t have holes :laughing:

There are no faults I can see

I expect a full DD thread on my screen first thing Monday morning!

Surely with covid then that means less industry events and less sales? Also what is their moat? It’s replicable no?

If that’s how you view it, not that they have an immense balance sheet, analyst predict further growth and they will absorb those that go insolvent…


There’s also an article on FT about them.

I’ve been through their fundamentals.

It’s boring companies like this that you get crazy returns. They’ve dropped in price sure because of Covid, this isn’t going to be permanent. Takky promo goods are not going away. You will still get that pen and litter ruler/calendar from your suppliers every year.