Ability to choose which card you want to withdraw your funds if multiple cards added


Previously I asked the customer service whether is it available to choose which debit card can I withdraw the funds if my account was funded by multiple cards.
Unfortunately I can’t choose it. The system will automatically select one card and send my money to it.

I want to have a feature where I can select manually which card I want to withdraw my funds to.
I think it would be very great for a lot of users, for example when you have fundend your account form USD and EUR bank account and you want to withdraw the money stored in your Trading212 account in USD specifically to your USD bank account to prevent exchange rates from your bank.

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You can do it via the web UI. We added the functionality recently. Soon we will add it to mobile as well.


Thanks @George… I created a very similar post to this.

I’ll have a look :+1:

Actually, the option is also available on mobile as well. However, there are some conditions (related to AML measures) which might block it in some cases.

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Hi @George , I think the behavior / screens / steps in the app should be updated.

I used two cards (Google pay)

I selected amount of 10 eur to widthdraw, click confirm and there is screen when I can choose to which card I want to send money and then select card, done, This is perfect.

But today I accidentally move slider to the right (all money), clicked confirm … and no card selection, no info like “we choose the card…”, no confirmation again and all money gone :slight_smile:

I tried to cancel request immediately, but it was processed already (some delay would be useful too)

It is not a big issue, I will resend them back tommorow, but this different behaviour is really confusing.

I think the steps should be something like

Card selection (if there is only one option, show some info about the card / bank account) / Info that Trading select the card automatically for a reason + selected amount

so the number of steps will be always the same.

Interesting, as all my previous withdrawals took 24h to process, so there was plenty of space to cancel.

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Are you using Google Pay? Both my widthdrawal was proceeded instantly.

You can test yourself, go to Manage Funds, Withdrawal requests.

Below you can see 2 requests, one for gpay one for regular CC. Same result.

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Hmmm. Maybe it depends on amount / currency / country / card type. Idk. I did withdrawal this morning at 2 a.m. Small amount is already on my account (7 am), the rest will probably take more time :slight_smile:

Both was executed immediately. E-mails comes cca 5 minutes later.


Even my withdrawal experience is just about 24hrs, but my last withdrawal request was instantly honored by the system, i made withdrawal request at 8pm UK time and it was accepted in real time and money was in my account by midnight.

Approximately I had money in my acc in 4hrs :+1::+1::+1:

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Possibly then for my account due to AML, system decided I cannot send X amount to gpay, as honestly I used it once for test. :slight_smile:

Thus even tho I selected refund to gpay, in backend it would be sent to CC instead.

Was thinking that only Skrill was instant.