Choosing the model or currency of withdrawal

I currently have the option to deposit funds into my trading account through a credit card or through a bank transfer. For me, using a credit card seems to be the better option since the funds will be available on T212 much faster than if I do a bank transfer, and maybe it’s also a bit safer.

The problem using the credit card it’s that once you use it you can’t remove it from the withdraw list or choose the one you wish to use. This for me it’s a big problem because the first deposit I made was with a VISA card where the main currency it’s Euros and I pay fees to send/recive money in USD as it is my account currency in the Trading 212 app.

As I already paid fee’s one time because I didn’t remembered that my card was issued in Euros, I don’t want to pay fees again to withdraw the money from my account.

So I would like to be able to choose one card from my list of cards that it’s not the one issued in Euros (I already used more cards to deposit money so I don’t know why I can’t choose one from this) or I would like to withdraw Euros from my account to avoid the fees on the credit card if it end to be the selected one.

Can I have some help on this @Team212 @Tony.V @David

Funds are issued towards the same method used for the deposit (as per AML precautions), i.e. we cannot receive funds via a specific credit card and to issue a refund towards a bank account or an alternative card which wasn’t used that much before.

Reach out our team at if the matter needs a more detailed & account review. That way we will evaluate all options and offer a solution, if possible.

Hi @Tony.V I already sent an email but I have opened the request a week ago and I didn’t got any updates on the case.

The card I used less in my account it’s the card I would like to not recive the money. I already made a withdraw once to a card and I think I have like 4-5 cards used to deposit money.
I really need the money and I don’t really want to pay like 200-300€ in fees just to be able to withdraw the money from my account when I have another cards where I can recive the money without paying anything.

I can’t actually see an open ticket under your email. Do you mind sending me a ticket ID, please?

The ticket id is #152528

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