Ability to have Multiple portfolio types based on goals

It would be a good idea to add a feature that allows investors to sort their holdings into different portfolios based on their investing goals/sectors.

Rather than have all the holdings grouped together in the portfolio section.

Dividend portfolio
Growth portfolio


It is a good idea and it was requested before in different forms: Specialised allocations. Including sectors, diversification & Portafolio grouped by sector

Also combined with what @Vedran was proposing in Portfolio graph, probably a nice grouping feature can be implemented at the Allocation section from Portfolio tab.
I think it can copy the customization idea of My Watchlist from main tab and also allow different view graphs (except circle/“pie” one), as example: stacked area chart.

Hopefully we will see something along those lines released soon. :wink:


That would be a very nice option that would allow to better manage our shares. I have shares in many company and it’s a bit difficults to follow differents strategy.

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How about this? AutoInvest - Join the BETA

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