Portafolio grouped by sector

Can I suggest to show the portfolio group by sector/industry. For example if I have shares In the same sector I would like to be grouped under the same “category”. This will allow us to see how percentage of the portafolio (pie) I have for each is sector. For diversification purpose but also for maintenance


Will be very useful which is why it is part of a feature request I made in a post of my own a short while ago:

The team is actively looking to improve the platform and is always thanking everyone for making their opinions and suggestions known. I think it was first requested by someone else before even me but I could just be thinking of the first person to ask for additional Pie’s.

As you can probably guess, they have a lot on their plate already and a bunch of improvements are already in the works or next in the list so it may take some time for them to get around to every feature request to reply.


That will be great to have more control when diversifying your portfolio.

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This would be a great feature! Something similar to what you find on M1 FINANCE

You will have it :slight_smile: . We plan to add a dashboard that will breakdown your portfolio by various metrics like region, industry, currency, etc.

I can’t commit to a certain deadline yet but will keep you posted.


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

This is a great useful feature, can’t wait to have it