Portfolio divided by type of shares

What do you think about divide the portfolio by type of shares (technology, real estate, finance…) and selecting one of them you can see your shares?
Or add just a percentage that show you how many shares of one of these type you have in your portfolio


Yes please, I second that. It will make it easier for asset allocation strategies.


Yes I agree, this would be helpful. Having some type of pie chart to see what you have in each sector

This is a great idea, we will consider adding such visualisation to the allocation menu.


Could we have a feature where it shows what dividend you will recived

It would be great but they can’t say you when the stock will give you the dividend.
Anyway while you wait you can use investing.com, search your share and there you can see how much they pay and when (approximately) they pay the dividend.

Well RH does so why can’t they? They only have to tell a week before getting paid which possible

It would be great to have a more detailed portfolio view all within the 212 app