Ability to put your manual investments in separate funds

Currently we can only see the headline return for everything we invested in.

Some of us may be testing different strategies, like long/short term, long/short, market neutral, fundamental/quant - we want to be able to see the return for each strategy.

Possibly by manually moving our investments into separate buckets on the app/website, then the site gives returns for that bucket only. Thoughts?

Can pies do this for you?

the problem with a pie is it looks like I cannot trade into or out of a pie, and I cannot move assets from one pie to another. seems to be fixed at inception?

but the framework for the pie seems user friendly

Welcome to the Community :wave:

Moving assets between Pies is possible when using the Export and Import options. Let me know if you have something else in mind, though :ok_hand:

Ok thanks I think you are right.

The only confusing thing is that I needed to open the pie with at least one security, but it looks like I can set it to £0.00, then import assets from outside the pie.

So its a good functionality, but wasn’t obvious to me it could do that

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