Separate/Combine Positions

I have a reasonably large position in one stock that I’ve wanted to swing trade for a long time, but I didn’t want to mess up the % statistics on my long term core position.

I was hoping it’d be possible to get an update that would let me create a new position of the same stock instead so I don’t ruin the % gain on my long term core position.

For example, if I have a long term position of ABC consisting of 500 shares, I would like to also see a separate position for another 100 shares of ABC which I will swing trade.

I thought about doing this between the ISA and Invest accounts, but it would be far better to be able to do this all inside the tax free wrapper! That way I can completely separate my investments from my trades.



Would be a good feature!

I don’t use them, so not sure if this would logistically work, but can you put the larger position of this in a pie and segregate it that way?

If you have the stock in different pies and bought manually it will combine and show you the median price. For now there is no possibility to show different % for the same instrument. Only way is to use the OP ideea with the 2 accounts Invest and ISA.
I don’t know if T212 have this feature in the pipeline, even if they do for sure it’s not a priority. So no chance for near future.

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My position existed before the pie feature, and I’m guessing that if you have a position in a pie and also outside the statistics will remain linked which is unfortunate!