ABNB... unable to trade

Why is ABNB trading but we can’t trade it on this platform… We don’t stand a chance if we can’t access the same as USA etc…

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I sell my share to you for 155$, mkay?


No deal :rofl: thanks for the offer though

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try on legacy desktop app not on phone. just bought

See a comment from yesterday above. More than likely cause it wasn’t open to retail trading, however looks like it should be good now from what I can tell.

It wasn’t, still isn’t available on the app… i was unable to get to a laptop at the time

Same here. Tried to place a market order. After 15 minutes, still on hold. I gave up. I don’t think it’s a problem on T212 side but on Interactive Brokers’ one. I thought that company was one of the leading one globally. Why are they always facing issues with orders ? Lately there isn’t one day without a complain of some sort on the forum. IB services sort of suck really…

I see it showing up without an issue? :thinking:

There have been plenty of people managed to grab shares in it. Perhaps you have been caught up in a IB problem. I can only suggest a hard refresh of your app, and try again tomorrow when the markets reopen.