Order execution could be delayed [14th of December 2020]

Order execution currently could be delayed as our intermediary Interactive Brokers are experiencing connectivity issues, which completely hampers our ability to process trades.

Update on 09.12.2020: the issue above is affecting IB again. Further details can also be found on their service status page.

The issue above was resolved already.


Thanks for letting know, @Tony.V. I just came to see if this issue has already been reported. I’ve got orders stuck at ‘cancelling’ since the last 20 minutes or so.

@Tony.V is it possible the devs can use the notification system so that it pops up in app/desktop to display this?

Out of the 700,000+ users we only have ~1000 of those in the forum that might see this.

I can imagine at 2:30pm on US open people will be flipping furniture, if they don’t realise there’s a possible issue.


@phildawson Absolutely reasonable, and we’re about to send it (we were expecting further confirmation from IB about the status of the issue).

Latest update: IB confirmed that they are experiencing issues with their data center in NY. Status reports can also be found here.

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Interactive Brokers have been very unreliable over the last couple of months. I was under the impression that they were the best of the best. I wonder what’s going on there.




Thanks for the update.

Please keep us informed on when this will be resolved so we can confidently trade. :wink:

Relevant would be to check also their Status page here.

Much better Comms than usual here guys
Thanks. It is appreciated. Will wait and see what happens.


At last, a customer service notification by T212!!!

Obviousness not great but thanks for letting us know. :+1:

Not sure if this problem at IB affects the CFD side but there was no notification there. Just a headsup.

Better comms, as others have said. Thank you.

Still frustrating though

@pipo It doesn’t, CFD trading is not affected.

I can only hope IB gets this sorted asap as we approach possible final hours of brexit. Am just about setting up my stop loss incase all hell gets let loose :disappointed:

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They did… This popped up as a notification, at least on Desktop.

@Outshine the notification was added after that post was made. read the post below

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Thanks for letting us know and I love the notification in the app and on some stocks when we open them, thank you for the transparency!

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If you give orders, use only limit orders , no market orders !

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I don’t tend to say it easy…

But T212 today you are legends.
Shit happens but GOOD COMMS is important!

Keep the good work!!