Now the RBLX ticker is visible, is it possible to set a limit order?

Just curious on the best way to play this stock as a T212 user. Apparently some US brokers like Schwab are already allowing users to set a limit buy orders. Is this something we can do or do we just have to wait until tomorrow?


It would be great if this could be made fractional immediately so I could just set the £ amount I want to buy.


I see the expected price target is $45. So is it safe to presume we will be looking more around the $55-60 area?

No info/data or option to purchase currently. Anyone know when this will start trading?

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Tried to set a limit order - get a message saying insufficient funds despite there bring plenty available.
Guessing this is because there isn’t a price yet as it’s not live on 212?


Now trying to buy but orders are being rejected…

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I have the same issue, so you’re not alone :joy:

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We shouldn’t be. This is a direct listing, not an IPO, so as long as the asset is live in the app at the time it goes live on the market, it shouldn’t be subject to any abnormal leaps like you would see with an IPO.

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The price is fixed at $65 and there is no chart data moving so guess it’s taking time to propagate through the IT systems and IBKR or too many orders trying to process

It isn’t live yet. There should be nothing to process.

I thought it was going live with the open of the market, any idea when it will go live then? Thanks for the info

No, IPOs and DLs don’t go live with the opening of the market. It’ll be some time during the session but as to a specific time, I don’t know of any way of knowing.

For reference PLTR was the last DL and it didn’t go live until about an hour before the end of session.

Just need to be vigilant.

Doesn’t explain the mark up in price though.

I got in on PLTR at $10 back then, didn’t think it was that late in the day, but my memory is crap so :joy:

Shame we can’t place market orders now and they activate when live rather than rejecting. Annoying having to sit and wait and keep trying.


Yes, it would make life a little less stressful. :slight_smile:

Of course.

Subversion under the guise of “guidance”.

Seems the Direct Listing process is also rigged. Expect many more of these in 2021.

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As RBLX is having an IPO, the prices you are seeing are indicative that we get from a session that’s available only to brokers, banks, institutions, etc. As soon as sufficient liquidity is present and regular trading begins, you will be able to submit market/pending (including Limit) orders.

Once the stock is available for trading, it will also be fractional, so you will be able to place value orders if you wish.

For further reference:

“The minimum value for pending orders with RBLX is $100.00”

I guess it’s way past 65 then?


It’s not an IPO @Y.M - it’s a Direct Listing. Hence retail and institutional ‘get in’ at the same time.

In this case it would seem the company and their legals have decreed the change in price last minute. Shockerooney.

Good on the fractionalisation though. That will be appreciated I’m sure.


The price has gone up to $70.95 but I still can’t buy??

Roblox first trade hasn’t happened yet, patience