About wire transfer

So i try to make a wire transfer with Revolut since all my money are there. But they ask for Adress…and postal code. And u have to put postal code first. In trading 212 wire transfer it says Adress:London, England…what am I supose to get from that??

Hey @StefanStandUp,

The postal code which you should add is: EC2V 6DN

Keep in mind that Revolut is having some restrictions while depositing via card. I’m not sure whether it will also apply for wires.


Wire works fine, been using it for months…

Not sure however where it asks for address or anything. I guess it depends for currency. USD transfer works fine with BIC/IBAN.

I don’t see why any other currency should cause problem…


What do u mean restrictions??

Also what is the minimum ammount I can deposit

Man, please read the information that is already provided on the website:
Trading terms - Funding and Withdrawing
FAQ - Funding and Withdrawing

And use search bar in the community for similar topics: Revolut limitation


My god… have you ever read anything about anything in this world? :frowning:


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I forgot to attach the reference code for my account when I transferred money. Is there a way I can ensure the transfer gets allocated to my account? Also sent an email to customer service.

@jack No worries - the funds will be allocated in your balance. To help us speed up the process, please check also the following.