Withdrawing method - Revolut bank wire

Hi, my issue is the following. I have used a wire transfer from my Revolut bank account to top up my Trading212 account. However now with Brexit Revolut automatically changed the bank accounts IBANs for everybody to new ones (GB… to LT…)!

If I decide to withdraw money from Trading212 in the future, what are the methods to do so? Do I need to top up my account Trading212 from the new Revolut IBAN (LT…) in order to be accepted as a valid method for withdrawal?


I just contacted T212 support and sent account confirmation from Revolut. Asked T212 to remove old account IBAN as it will unavailable after X months transition period.

Tested withdraw to new IBAN, worked without issue. Did not fund from new IBAN before testing.


That’s fantastic! Thanks Vedran!

Yes but don’t forget that during the transition period, every transfer you get in the GB IBAN will be redirect by Revolut to the LT IBAN.
So maybe the test transfer you did was gone on the GB and transferred to LT by Revolut.
For sure there will be no issues for T212 to delete the old and change it to the new one but mine was just an FYI that for the next 6(?.. I don’t remember the transition period now) months everything can go to both IBANs and Revolut will put it in your account no matter which. :wink:

It was sent to LT IBAN as I asked for transaction confirmation from T212 support.

ah ok! good to know!