Deposit via Revolut

Hi All,
Nice joining you. Looking forward to invest/long term savings in some shares and I have some silly questions.

  • How do I wire money in my account via Revolut. When I use ‘to a business’ or ‘to another person’ at the end I am asked about postal code. Details I can probably lookup about Barclays, but question is, what postal code and address should I use. Barclay’s or Revolut’s?
  • Has anyone successfully withdrawn money form T212 using their Revolut account? There is a warning message upon deposit that we should use personal accounts only etc. Does my Revolut account classify as ‘personal’ or ‘third party’?

Hi there,

We had several discussions on the topic.

In short, you are sending to yourself via Revolut, as this is your T212 account. So I created Bank Account in revolut addressing “To myself”.

Revolut account is personal as each has own IBAN, I haven’t withdrawn money to bank account as I plan to keep money here for years and years… But I am not worried , support was more than helpful on all topics.

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And in terms of address, this does not matter or I just put my address? I just want to avoid a picky employee in T212’s billing that might decline my transfer, if they potentially see ‘incorrect’ details :slight_smile: Thanks for the info

Well my case is USD, in this case there is no address provided in bank details on revolut. Maybe different for EUR/GBP. But I would use same address as used for registration to T212/Revolut. To avoid some issue with compliance…

That’s weird, because when I choose UK and USD, no matter what type of transfer I use, it always asks for physical address and postal code, for some weird reason.

Aha you mean when creating Bank beneficiary.

I put my address , which is same on Revolut and t212.

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Ps make sure to put reference code number in Revolut transaction.

Code is found via T212 deposit> Bank wire

I can confirm it works. They processed my deposit within an hour or so in an afternoon. :slight_smile:

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Good Vedran,
I’m from Portugal and I also wanted to make a bank transfer through Revolut but just like NakuroBradata said, no matter the type of transfer I use, it always asks for physical address and postal code.
When you say that you enter your address, the Revolut asks for the postal code and to put my address in Portugal, I have to enter a London postal code because otherwise he will not let me enter the address.
Can you help me?