Error bank transfer - ✅ Solved


I tried to transfer money from Revolut to my Trading212 account, I haven’t received it yet since June 26. Both accounts are mine, both accounts are usd and the home address is the same. In the past I made exactly the same transactions and the money arrived on the same day.
I asked Revolut and they told me that the transaction was completed successfully and they sent me the account statement.

Can you help me with some advice, please?


@Team212 @Tony.V Could you kindly assist this guy via private message. Thanks.

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I will wait for a message from you, Thanks.

BTW on note: Revolut card now works with T212. T212 changed their merchant ID , so Revolut be like whaaat? :slight_smile:

@Bogdan_Denis_Sava I can see that our team is already working over your case. Further updates will be send as a reply to your ticket.

Okay, I’ll wait for an answer from you. I hope the situation was understood from what I described.

Did it resolve successfully? I have the same problem

Here you have the answer:

Yes, all good. Money come back in my Revolut account and then I used Apple Pay to pop up to my Trading212. All good and thanks Trading212 for helping me.

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