Accidental buys


I’ve been using T212 on my mobile phone for about a month or so. Within the last week I’ve made two accidental purchases. Simply whilst looking on a chart I accidentally pressed the square icon and since my other palm was touching the screen it pressed confirm buy and I was done.

The issue that I have is that…this accidental purchase was only made because as soon as I press the square icon to make the purchase the app automatically ‘suggests’ a certain quantity of units which can be purchased. If after pressing square icon the next screen would not suggest any quantity of units and instead displayed zero and allow me to make my selection there would be no accidental purchases. Even if my other hand would press confirm buy there would be no buy as the quantity would be zero. Now I am stuck with some bad unwanted units and I’m -£225 hoping that the price is gonna go up.
T212 please change this feature.


Which ones did you buy?

Go to Settings > Trade Preferences.

Un tick one-click trading/Quick trading.


I knew there was a button for this but could not remember where I’d seen it :see_no_evil: thank you!!

Cocrystal pharma :((

Looking at the chart it looks like it will come back up. On the day chart it’s in an upwards momentum

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It happened to me today as well. I think that enabling one-click trading by default on new clients is a cheating, since this issue happened to me 2 times and costed 300+$. Interestingly, it happened with BioCryst Pharmaceuticals. Is this a coincidence?