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Hi all,

I am new to Trading212 and I was looking for any sort of agreement between me and Trading212 esentially stating I am your client to download and safe in PDF format. I did not find this on your website after logging in nor in any of the emails I have received after account creation.

Could you please add this feature? It adds to trustworthiness and every major financial company has this. Can I request this document from support in the meantime?

Thank you in advance.


Is that what you’re looking for?

Also might useful


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As we are investing money which are very dear to us, I would like to see something like this. I know this might not be needed in this format from perspective of law however it adds trustworthiness to Trading212 as I can easily download agreements in similar format (credentials of both parties mentioned) from other services where I invest my money.

Click the print button at the very bottom of the page, and print it to a PDF file that you can save.

Yes I can do that, but I am missing the credentials there. Theoretically, if Trading212 goes under, how do I prove I was their client/user? I have received such document with credentials of both parties involved from populat low-cost competitor of Trading212.

You will be sent contract notes of your transactions the next day, with monthly statements of your positions and account balance.

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You are right and it could be used in that case however I still see a room for improvement for Trading212 in this area compared to its competitors.

It would certainly add credibility and new users would feel safer about their money. Overall, Trading212 is great, UI is user friendly and easy to use but I still felt like I was signing up for Netflix rather than for brokerage account where I want to invest in long-term.

Interesting feedback indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Actually we are putting quite an effort to leave bureaucracy in the past and to make your signing in process a matter a few clicks.

Also, here you can find a few words to have a better understanding of your protection - Long term investing reassurance (hopefully)

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Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

Just to make myself clear, I don’t want to have more robust signing process which everyone wants to keep as simple as possible. I am only suggesting to generate a document(user agreement) with credentials of both parties which is merely a “gimmick”. So user would do the signing with a few clicks as now and you generate a PDF file and attach it perhaps to one of the emails notifying user about the account creation/activation.

@XpellCZ Thanks for the suggestions. We’re planning to develop a ‘Document central’ section within the app which will contain various documents such as T&C, monthly & annual statements, the W-8BEN forms, etc. Including an additional document which could serve as a certificate of relationship between you & T212 and making it easy to print and export is a very nice idea.


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Any update ??? Is the annual statement document implemented? It’s a must for me