Download summary of the investments for official proof

Dear @Team212,
I want to apply for a bank loan and they want to know how much money I have in my broker account. I have separate contract statements from you but I would like to have just a summary that shows my complete name and the invested amount. Unfortunately I am unable to find any export functionality on my portfolio web and mobile. How can I request such an information?

thanking you in anticipation.


I think it would be very useful to be able to download one’s portfolio both as a PDF and a spreadsheet so I look forward to a response from T212 on this.


This is a feature that we have been told is on the road map and will be launched fairly soon.

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Thanks for this update - do you have any idea of timeframe on this?

There is this recent post from one of the staff. Not quite sure what he means by “soon”.

@Richard.W Thank you very much for your reply. Please advise me what can I do in the mean time? I just need T212 to write my name and total invested amount on a PDF letterhead document. I am thanking you in anticipation.

I think if you send a an email message to them they will do this for you.