Account not cancelling orders [Resolved]

Hi @David @Team212 I cancelled this order but it went through after mrket close.! Why are orders going through even when i dont have the funds.? And now what if this drops after hours.? Not good enough

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I have had the same issue!! I had “processing” on a cancelled order for 1 hour and then it went through at 21:03. I had already moved my free funds back into my bank but it still placed it so Im not sure how that works. Needs to be fixed ASAP, doesn’t seem legal that they can do this.

FCA may need to be contacted

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Ya.!!! It done it on two stocks at 21.03 and both tanking after hours.! So who pays for that.?! And also like you i didnt have free funds so i guess next time i sell somthing or deposit funds it will be taken off.! It BS i know markets are volatile but this needs to be fixed… And we need to be reimbursed.! @Team212

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I have contacted them and will expect to be reimbursed. Its completely illegal and I will write to the FCA


Exact same issue with me. Not good enough!

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I am having the same issue with a pending sell limit order. It’s been stuck on ‘modifiying’ for 2 hours.

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I have had exactly the same - tried to cancel my order 73 minutes before it was placed… out of hours! I couldn’t do anything to react to it and now the stock I wanted to ‘trade’ I’m left bag holding. Stock was Tengasco just in case you are in exactly the same boat.

On a day where they have claimed to try and protect their customers, they have really made a lot of significant mistakes. My expectation is that my account balance is returned to whatever it was before the orders were placed incorrectly.

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Yup same for me and both have tanked.! Ive read about this before and normally they return balances to whayt they were.! I just hope its sooner rather than later

Hi @David @Team212 My account is now missing over 100 dollars because of orders being placed that were not meant to be.! Can you please reply asap this isnt good enough

Hi, same problem here. Cancelled buys on PRTS were processed after the marked closed last night and have been automatically sold this afternoon but for a lower price. Loss of £199.91. Please let me know how I go about getting this back?