Limit order cancelling 24hrs+

I have cancelled some limit orders and this has now been pending for more than a day. Does anybody else have this issue or is an admin here able to help?

I need help ASAP, this is time sensitive.

Thanks in advance.

Hiya! Having a problem with pending order which won’t cancel? Just shows the circle next to the trade for about an hour now? For a limit buy

My orders have now gone through with the cancellation, but I think it took close to 48 hours. I have since cancelled a further order and it went through straightaway, so hopefully it’ll be sorted for you soon

I’ve created and modified a limit order via the app and now it’s stuck at “Modifying” for the last 12 hours.

Me too mate! I have this on 3 of my orders!! I have tried to flag this up as we have some time to correct this before market opens. IKBR did do some upgrades yesterday to their servers so it probably got stuck during that process. ?

Its scary if this doesn’t get fixed before market opens as we have given 24h notice.

Just checked and saw that the order went through. Good luck @aofelix !


My limit order has been stuck on ‘Modifying’ all morning - it’s well annoying as the markets are about to open and I can’t use my free funds! How long until it sorts itself out?

I had a similar issue a while back, I tried to contact customer support, he couldn’t help n said this is forwarded to a different team, and they will contact me via email.

The way I sorted this was set a new limit order of my available balance to overwrite the stuck order. And as soon as I placed the order stuck order got cancelled. I them removed my limit order. (Careful when setting new limit order set it on US market so that it does not get filled)

Hope it helps