Cancelled order still gone through

Hi my order for ENSV was cancelled but stuck and still went through and now the market is negative even though I cancelled and it was stuck and then 5 minutes later it filled how do I remedy this @Rumen @Tony @Tony.V @David


same here while funds are missing from account too

Yep surely this is not allowed ?

And I’ve been trying to get into contact and the only option is email that he not responded

am chasing them from last one week no luck yet

Absolutely shocking I don’t know whether to sell this order now or leave it ?

n o clue whats going on I am missing around £400 in funds. even my Investment account showing £209 but can’t use it nor can transfer it to ISA

Yep they should really have a customer service line or something an email doesn’t help if they don’t reply

from yesterday tradinf212 executing order on my behalf even I have no clue whats going on around

Can you remove my tag please? I’m not an employee.

Yep sorry have done do you know any alternative way to contact T212 emails are not working

You’re doing the right thing. The Help section gets the most attention.

Alternatively you can direct message one of them, however you might find they get a lot of that already and the wait is just as long.

Recommend you screenshot as much as you can so you can back up your case.

Did this occur yesterday?

anyone else had profits missing at around 10:15 this morning without any major change in the market. Happened to both me and the Mrs.

I don’t know about the rest of you. Has a great run with 212 but now it’s more buggy than a bee hive.
Tried to buy a couple of shares, it says invalid order.
So I pressed it again. Same thing, invalid order. Pressed it again, same thing. Gave up.
Look at my panel, it’s bought it 3 times.

Wtf is going on? To top things off, I’m now well under on that stock cos it droped my average something chronic.

That happened to me yesterday. Tried to buy once, somehow T212 bought twice, then sold one automatically for a loss. No idea whats wrong with this app. Has been working like a charm for the past year. Probably cant haldle all the extra pressure thats been going on this week.

Gotta feel for these guys, taking so much heat.
But when it comes to money, you gotta be on top of things man. That’s the nature