Order stuck on “cancelling”

Hi, I was trying to cancel a “sell” order and now it’s stuck on “cancelling”, it was like that for hours. Can you help me?


Same here!

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Really annoying, I’ve took out all my money and as soon as i sell the one that I cannot because it’s still pending i will close my account with trading212, i know it’s a free app but what happened today and yesterday was a joke


@Team212 can you help?

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@Team212 Please fix this as you can see I am not the only one having this issue. People are losing money because they cannot sell their shares if they’re stuck on “cancelling”


Annoying as it may be it’s not actually T212 that’s doing this to you or the rest of us. It’s the brokers end. The after market value at present for this stock is -23.66%. Let’s hope it has cancelled for you at the price you set it to sell at

Could you please tell us when we can expect this to be fixed? Having this issue since mid-trading day yesterday and its still stuck on cancelling in aftermarket.


The market is closed so it can’t fulfill the requests

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??? You should still be able to cancel something if the market is closed, done it many times, the point is that it was like that for hours for no reason. I have bought the same stock and sold it with no issues and this “cancel” order is still on pending

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Don’t take it personally mate I’ve had the same issues myself and I’m sure a lot more have. There’s a bit more to it though and unfortunately those bits more to it factor into these delays.

I cancelled a pie funding before it had filled and it was stuck in cancelling but, it then filled the pie and it’s up over 120% in 48hrs so, although it was a nightmare at the time it worked out better in the end and, hoping yours goes that way also with the price deprecation

just happened to me too. Stuck on pending. Hope it gets fixed before market open tomorrow and the app crashes again.


Hope it’s resolved for you for opening in few hours

I cancelled my order to check the stop/loss order limit we discussed and now it looks like I might not get to set any limits at all, great. Thanks tho, here’s hoping

Don’t let it annoy you mate. If somethings out of your control let it be until it sorts itself out. I made so much mistakes out of frustration and emotions getting the better of me. Need to take your mind off it and come back at it with a clear mind

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WHAT A JOKE! I still can’t sell or cancel the pending order. @Team212 are ignoring this issue apparently


Has this been resolved for you?

No, still stuck. Not sure what to do

Unbelievable, and @Team212 is ignoring this lol. Great job guys


@Tony.V do you know anything about this?

@Y.M any updates on this and why is this happening? No one answers and I’m losing money lol