Adaptimmune Therapeutics

Can we have Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc (ADAP)!


Please could Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC - ADR (NASDAQ: ADAP) be added to the stocks available to trade on the Stocks and Shares platform please?


This one is already on the app! :raised_hands:

Urgh. Are you in an investment account? Can’t find it on the ISA :tired_face:

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@David @PeterA @Martin Any chance this can be added to ISA for the people above, or is it not eligible? Thanks in advance troops! :+1:

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Yep. Would really appreciate the opportunity to invest in this company. Thanks.

@mcwilliams91 You are correct. Unfortunately, ADAP is not permitted to be traded through an ISA due to its ADR nature.

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