More ADR available in ISA?

I’ve noticed that I can now find Tencent and Orsted in my ISA account, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t available last year due to different reasons… anyone else noticed anymore of these stocks the used to be only available in Invest accounts but not ISA?

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@David is this correct?


That’s interesting. Looks like a bunch have been added to the Isa side. T212 had previously taken a blanket approach to OTC stocks regardless of where the underlying holding is listed.

So long as they are here to stay, I’ll move a few holdings across from my GIA.

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Ooo this will be interesting - what’s the best name ADR’s spotted in the isa section?

Vestas is one I’d like to dig into

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Square Enix
CD Projekt Red

A few I spotted after a quick scroll.


Softbank’s another high profile one. Never really looked into it as a company though.


Just looked - softbanks market cap is insane! Would be a good one for the dividend investors though 5% :eyes::eyes:

That’s in Yen remember

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Ah that makes more sense :grimacing::sweat_smile:

I would be cautious about this. It may just be a “glitch” on the system. Until Trading 212 confirms it officially, I would advise not to start buying those stocks for your ISA accounts!

Incidentally I double-checked on the Interactive Investor’s website to see if these stocks are listed as eligible on the ISA. The only one I can find is

Vestas and Tencent are available via HL.

Interactive Investor is no yardstick to measure against.

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This is why it is confusing. Different platform allow different stocks to be eligible in an ISA account. There is no consistency amongst the providers.

Read the guidance on the UK gov website. That will tell you what is eligible.

Would it be a better idea if the ISA providers read the guidance on the UK Gov website :joy:.

They all seem to have interpreted the guidance differently.

Most are taking the better to be safe than sorry route.

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@Donaldo_Duckarelli Yes, it’s not a mistake, we’ve made some changes to be more in-line with HMRC guidelines.
As a result, about 800 OTC stocks are now available in the ISA account.


Thanks for confirming. This is great news, I can now shelter the last few investments in my GIA.

Good news for those who want Chinese ADRs, Also nice that ADF is now available.

@Hbomb What are your top 5 holdings? I feel have a similar portfolio :sweat_smile:

How many stocks do we have access to now out of curiosity?