Add a VWAP indicator maybe?

Agree, would be great to have VWAP working.

Yep so trading action will follow the vwap and if it’s getting too over bought or over sold it’ll be pulled back.

Here’s Apple yesterday and with RSI you can see a clear sell and buy signal.

I’ve turned off the extra lines but 1.28, 2.01, etc are the standard deviation above/below. Here’s with them all on.

As you can see here in premarket it’s just up.

Take it with a pinch of salt, but if you have VWAP, macd, RSI all with buy or sell signals and looking good against the SMA then it’s usually time to act.

The other thing which would be great for T212 is L2 and the tape so you can see the potential and what’s going through. Whilst it’s easy to spoof on L2 it does help to show potential walls and where the buyer support is.

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Regarding L2, if DasTrader allow F1 Trades i can’t see why they wouldn’t welcome T212? .

PS: I know DasTrader and F1Trades/Suretrader founders were married, but T212 have a much better reputation haha.

… WeBull are currently offering 3 months free Level 2 via Nasdaq TotalView, then it will be $1.99 a month, bargain!


I’m still not 100% convinced of these technical signals. I noticed in your first screenshot, there was a sell signal at the top right, but apple actually shot up. What would you have done there?

Well as I don’t have AH/pre access nothing. :sweat_smile:

If I did I may have sold, heres the chart this morning where you can see it went slightly higher before the sell off.

Again take it with a pinch of :salt: but in most cases it always pull back around vwap until a breakout happens either a random pump or news. In most cases it’ll ping pong between above 70 to below 30 RSI.

Worth not getting too fixated on the 1m, also need to look at 5m and 15min for intraday.

Shortly, we’ll disable VWAP on Invest & ISA since it doesn’t work as intended. However, we’ll start working on a fix.

If you already have an active VWAP on your chart or it’s in a template - it will be overridden.


Thank you for the update, please bare in mind the indicator is also on the CFD :wink:


:crossed_fingers::champagne: :partying_face:

With the “fix” can you ask the devs to be able to set a stdev above/below it to help mark the over bought/sold regions? Here it’s starting at 1.28 and 2.01 as the :warning:, but a customisable value would be ace.

Looks like TSLA has just taken off…

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We’ll consider that. :v:


Hi there, suddenly VWAP is removed from my account. Was it planned?

It was removed as it didn’t show the volume weighted average price at all. If you want to replace what it was doing then select SMA instead.

This post has images of what you saw and what should have been shown as an example:


Thank you Phil, sorry I had not seen the part mentioning about disabling VWAP!

I haven’t really paid attention to that @phildawson as I quit using T212 charting tool a couple of months ago when I complained about losing my candles everytime I refresh the page, only to be informed by the rep that the chart I was looking at had low volume when it was trading at 20M. And of course, more issues/glitches. I use TView now.

Anyhow, I think that T212 is now realising that the knowledge account of their users is compounding exponentially and are actively pointing issues and recommending/demanding more features. I know they are working extremely hard to deliver. Hopefully they could keep up. Rooting for them to succeed.


That’s fair enough I use Tradingview too. Yeah I think as they continue to grow they’ll need to up their game to match more types of traders and experience.

I’d much prefer them to fix/improve their own charts than use a third party.

Adding the new time periods was a dramatic improvement.

If they can add volume that would be great, and fixing the vwap would start to see me using less of Tradingview. The other bits like controlling the exclusion zone above/below the action as it’s always very tight and improving zoom and panning in general would seal the deal.

Hopefully we get AH/pre soon but even just plotted for now would be ace.

would be nice to have a possibility to plot the " Anchored VWAP" as well.

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A bit of a tip. The VWAP can be replicated using the weighted moving average function set to 77 period. Not perfect, but close enough that I doubt you’d care. :wink:

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I just gave this a go on trading view. They look different. VWAP in green. 77WMA in yellow.

Hi @pipo, indeed they do. Their formulas are entirely different. However if the intention is to use the VWAP to only place orders if price below then I am of the opinion that the 77wma provides the same information. If the objective is to use it more technically than this, then I agree that it is perhaps not what you are looking for.
Thanks for the feedback. Sure it would be very helpful for others.

I love using VWAP on commodities. Hence why I use plus 500 for commodity trading as they have a working VWAP.

Yeah I’m reading a trading book and the guy said the “VWAP is the single most important indicators for day trading”. He mentions it a lot. So it’s frustrating to see that it’s broken here.