VWAP indicator?

We don’t have this useful basic indicator. Can we have it?

Are any of the available ones price x volume?

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It’s available on our mobile app. Click on “Advanced charts” → “Indicators” → type VWAP, and it will appear.

We plan to update our web charts, so we’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news.

It IS there :notes: . Bot said it wasn’t and I hadn’t found it but it’s in the TREND category.
But only on CFD.

I’m watching “Trade The World” live and it’s about the only one they use.
Can’t do things as quickly as they do, though :manual_wheelchair: .

One extra thing they DO have access to is the volume (in numbers) which would be a nice-to-have.

On further reading it’s a VWAP which is anchored to the start of the trading day which is being referred to all over the internet.
VWAP is a lagging indicator, but the one on the site is looking at yesterday, which an anchored one doesn’t.

So the commonly used version is missing, from both platforms.

I don’t use the phone app usually.
I checked for VWAP, but I can’t make it worrk properly. It just draws a line between the prices at the set time intervals, regardless of “settings”.

I can make it change colour or make it dissappear by altering settings.

I don’t see any instructions.?