VWAP is not working as should on the platform

Hi, i got a question about VWAP indicator.

VWAP indicator is not working as it should on the platform, or am i missing something?

When i use VWAP, for example on tradingview or any other platform, the line is not changing if you change timeframe of the candles (it should be working like this)

But on trading212, VWAP is basically just moving average, since it changes position based on your timeframe, which makes it useless and anyone that wants to use VWAP has to use another platform to watch this indicator.


Agree the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) is not correct it acts like a normal moving average price.


I noticed this too, I recently joined the platform and was kinda confused when it was a moving average. I thought I was doing something wrong but kind of relieved others are having the same problem.
Hope they fix this quick


I agree with you guys, VWAP does not work how it should.

I made some screenshots for the @Team212:

This is the VWAP from the Trading 212 platform, it moves like an EMA(15):

This is the VWAP from TradingView:

By the moment that day trading is now allowed I think that this indicator is most important than before.

I read that you guys are making a new web platform, can you report this problem to developers?


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I thought too, I tried to set the VWAP correctly and it really sucks hard, it’s really not like in other platforms and it’s so annoying because I like trading with VWAP but I also like the interface of trading 212. I hope they will fix this asap because it’s used by many

@David or @Team212 Can you shed light on this situation in regards to the functionality and accuracy behind the VWAP indicator. This is not the first time multiple users have reported an issue with this specific indicator. Any insight you have welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks :v:


VWAP is unusable on Trading 212. Also wondering when this will be resolved.

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add this please, i want this too <3 - request for iPad please