CFD - VWAP issues and other indicator's.


it seems that VWAP on CFD’s only takes in to account data from when the stock became available on T212 and not historic data.

This is not good, especially if your looking to make a trade off a VWAP bounce.

I’m then assuming that this also applies to EMA’s etc…?

I only noticed yesterday when I looked at a chart on WeBull for NAOV and the VWAP was about $0.75 above where it was on T212 chart.

Can we get this fixed please.


Has been mentioned earlier:

VWAP is not working as should on the platform - Feature suggestions & ideas - Trading 212 Community

I wonder when they will fix it. Or if they will fix it. History is limited on T212.

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Just commenting on the fact WeBull is showing trades (both buys and sells).

The T212 app just displays the ask (or can swap between bid and ask in CFD) and you’re just looking at one side.

T212 doesn’t have volume data it just has ticks which is how many times its changed within that period.

So to calculate the volume-weighted average price they need the data :man_shrugging:

Bloomberg to my knowledge just gives them the ask/bid quotes.

I’ve complained a few times about it

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This is the same as above so it’s the EMA of the ask or EMA of the bid, for the most part it should be near identical on most.

It’ll only work as far back as it has data. So to show a 200 day moving average you need at least 200 previous days+ to the current day etc.