Add BG logos to trusts

Hi there,

I currently bank with Monzo that shows me a image of the merchant I make a transaction with. If there is not a image available it’s gives the user a option to suggest one through the app.

I was hoping Trading212 could adapt the same concepts but with stocks and trusts, this is not a functionally update, instead an appearance update.

I currently own some shares in Baillie Gifford Trusts through the app and they don’t have the logo except for the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.

The other trusts have logo’s made out of text, please could you add the Baillie Gifford Logo to the following trusts:

BG US Growth Trust
BG China Growth Trust
BG Japan Trust
BG UK Growth Trust
BG European Growth Trust
Monks Investment Trust
Scottish American Investment
Shin Nippon (name is wrong set as Baillie Gifford, but has the logo)
Pacific Horozion Investment Trust
Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust

Can you add this logo here to the trust above and fix the Shin Nippon name please?

image image

Thank you, sorry if this a petty suggestion - I just like having my portfolio looking clean :slight_smile:

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Hi @ChrisJ,

Thanks for the suggestion. In order to ensure each company logo fits perfectly in our app, we prepare them “by hand”. This is why it is not possible to enable users to upload or suggest logos. We already uploaded several thousand logos. We’ll eventually do all of them.

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Hi @George

Any updates on this?

As you are updating the logos, could also add the correct categories/instrument types, instead of all being classified as Stocks or ETFs?

For example:

  • Investment Trusts in a separate class “Investment Trusts”.

  • LeverageShares and GraniteShares ETPs on a separate class “ETNs”.

  • The ETCs having their own separate class “ETCs”.

In the end, having those categories/instrument types:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Investment Trusts
  • ETNs
  • ETCs
  • Investment Funds → When they arrive to Trading 212

Trading 212 could separate all these instrument types for more searchable and tax reasons.


This is great idea! - please implement this.

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A simple solution could be if the assets carry an LEI in the 212 hierarchy, that any ETF or Investment Trust looks to the picture setup for the managing entity.

This would immediately mean that all BG/Jupiter or linked securities carry the same ultimate parent/managing logo, and could help automate the process to a point.

Its a small ask, and tbh brings little benefit to most.


I requested this simple fix in January 2021 and it still hasn’t been implemented.
Please can you add the same logo you have already added to the two of the other trusts and add them to all trusts and also please fix this name Shin Nippon - Thank you.

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100% with you on BGS. It’s been like that for ages now. I turn off ‘Show instrument’s full name’ mostly for this reason. It would also be good to have logos for all the other BG trusts.

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