In App Stock Logo's


Quick question - but if we find any logo’s missing in the app, and would like them added, what format would they need to be in - could forum users help out by posting links to logo’s that meet the right format in this thread say, to help make the app look prettier and your life easier?

Perhaps the community could make logos for any companies that dont have a proper logo, rather than just a generic branding?

Thanks! :pray:

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I would happily help out with this, there’s so many stocks without logos. Tbh it’s one of those things which annoys me where you don’t see a logo lol

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Hey, @Dougal1984

We are constantly working on improving the logos and of course, the requests received in the forum are always served with priority.

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Ok fair enough, so we can submit logos in the forum and they don’t have to conform to any standard size/format for you to add them?

Here’s a few fairly decent sized ones I’ve noticed without a logo:

Compass $COMP - Missing financial data too
Allbirds $BIRD - Missing financial data too
Array Technologies - $ARRY
Couchbase - $BASE - Missing financial data too
PubMatic - $PUBM
Riskified - $RSKD
Shoals Technology - $SHLS
Vicarious Surgical - $RBOT - has the old SPAC logo


Also Hris, Monzo do this with their logos

It goes to this screen


That’s actually a really good idea!

@admins could you implement something like this?


Hello, guys

It’s a nice suggestion, indeed! Thank you for sharing it with us!

We will forward it for consideration and definitely implement it if possible.


Hello, could u add logos to Medifast (MED) and Upstart Holdings (UPST)? @Hris.M

Stumbled across a great stock today; Ticker HELE

I notice it is one without a logo