Add color to volume bars (web app & mobile)

Can we add the color of the candles to the volume indicators? They are currently just plain blue.

However it would be good if they matched the color of the candles like the screenshot below:

Some discussion here: How to show volume bars on the chart? Like finviz

I use the web app mostly but I think folks would like this on mobile too.


How can we get that in mobile app??
Or I’m just blind!?

Not possible in the mobile app.

Ok. Would be great if t212 will bring that in app too, but agree yes would be cool to see in color.!!

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Agreed this feature is necessary, people who initially started using T212 are progressing and would like the platform to grow with us, rather than us grow out of the platform.


I’d like to see this too, also is there any chance of bringing back the VWAP?