How to show volume bars on the chart? Like finviz

Is there a way to show these volume bars / histogram (I don’t know what it’s called) on the web app?

Like the bars at the bottom in this screenshot from Finviz:

It’s available on the CFD side:

Not sure why the box gets greyed out on the invest side.

I already have this enabled. But they are not colored red/green like in the screenshot where it mirrors the candle color.

they might not be coloured but you can add them as a separate indicator too.

Thats Tick Volume instead, and it’s on Invest/ISA too.

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Ah didn’t realise there was a difference. Strange, the right click option doesn’t work.

Thats odd seem to be fine on mine. :thinking: :man_shrugging:

This is what I’m after (including an actual working VWAP!)…

what we have :expressionless:

Yep that’s what I’m after too.

i’m colour blind :rofl:

jokes apart, the web platform does need some love from them

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Hopefully T212 will add this feature as it doesn’t seem to exist (i tried all volume indicators). if possible, please place in their suggestion thread. I requested a green/red visual for their volume indicator.

I’ll send you an inbox message as i use a useful app that provides US Stock: volume, Tape/level 2, screener, news, alerts, earnings, insider buyers, halts data etc for free which has been a blessing when using the CFD platform.

@Hectares @phildawson I’ve added this as a feature suggestion if you want to leave a comment: Add color to volume bars (web app)

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haha… I’ve contacted T212 weeks ago about this feature. Unfortunately, they don’t have it (the closest is Tick Volume and I don’t even know how to use it lmao) - I have also been comparing the real time price action in T212 vs Tradingview as I have a TV pro account with real-time data (the difference is night and day). Clearly, T212 charting is still an infant tbh. Also, if everyone is paying attention, the indicators are lagging - doesn’t refresh real time so you have to refresh your chart to check where ur indicators are exactly. On a further downside, refreshing the chart ruins your bars…

I’ve not had that issue on web/app with the charts. I don’t have a pro account but the min vs min seems the same? Are you talking a second out, few seconds out, half a minute?

The only key bug I see everyday is that when the US market opens the % change stats on the web version are stuck so requires a refresh for it to pick up the new day.

Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 11.29.10

Hi @Team212 @George,
I think many ppl have requested here, can t212 add this volume bar for candle sticks charts with each candle shows volume like below screenshot or something similar please??

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Hi @Team212,
Can someone confirm this if we can expect this volume bar to be added? Yes/No or maybe it’s in the pipeline please??


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