Volume Indicator on the App

Hi is there a volume indicator on the mobile app as I cant find it?

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Try adjusting the templates. I believe the default template has the blue volume tick rate if you don’t want to go digging around the features.

The volume bars stick around even if you then apply the Pro or MACD template.

for a more specific volume measurement you will want to look under the indicators menu:

If this isnt what you were looking for let me know and I will try again.

Unfortunately the app seems to be far more limited in the TA tools they have available (on CFD at least) and none for Volume specifically.
It has MACD and a bunch of others - could MACD be used to gauge volume in some way?

I see.

I suppose the best we can do on the app may be to use the RSI and whatever measurements we can find. I would assume this is because phone screens are only so large and you can only see so much data at a time that it’s part of the features limited to browser.

Apologies, I didnt realise the feature was missing from the phone apps when I replied.

The lack of screen space makes sense but I reckon they could squeeze it in for example on things like Stochastic Oscillators - heres a screen shot of one Im looking at for an example. Would it be too messy?

In theory, you can tick as many of the indicators as you want and it’ll just further squeeze the stock chart display.

Typically, you see volume tickers overlap with the chart and so too many numbers can make the display confusing and hard to understand.

Charts look better when you rotate the screen but then any indicators will have a greater squeeze effect on the chart.

Perhaps the volume indicators weren’t popular enough to be deemed necessary for on-the-go use until now.

Will be useful to have even just half of them available on mobile.

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Be useful to have it on the mobile app. I’m mobile 95% of the time


I second this. Having OBV on the app would be very useful