Add Italian stock and ETF

There are a lot of interesting stock like Stellantis, Enel, Ferrari, Moncler, BNP etf’s ecc…

They are not planning on adding Borsa Italiana soon. There are some posts about it. To summit up they are planning to expand more markets (no ETA given) but they will start with other easier to add. Borsa Italiana is low on priority because of some regulations they said.

Check here

and here

but there are also other posts about it.

On T212 you can trade some of those stocks in different markets like:
Enel - OTC
Stellantis - NYSE
Ferrari - NYSE

But of course the big problem is that you trade them in Dollars which I personally don’t like, I always prefer to trade European stocks in Euro, American in Dollars and so on, in order to have a diversification of forex as well as avoid double fluctuations in the price.

If you wanna trade on Borsa Italiana I personally recommend you Degiro for it, if you open an Italian account the commissions on Borsa Italiana are only 0,50+0,05% and is Regime Dichiarativo. I used to have Fineco but unless you do transactions of over 2k each is not worth it. Plus if you are a resident is under Regime Amministrato which it’s not tax efficient (my opinion of course), I had it Dichiarativo because I live abroad and AIRE registered, if you are Tax Resident in Italy I don’t know if you can choose.
I also read about Directa, still Italian broker with commissions placed in between of Degiro and Fineco, but I never had it so I have no personal feedback. But from what I’ve read on FOL it does it’s job but the platform is one of the worst, check there to have more feedbacks and comments.