Enel and Unicredit anomaly

Hello everybody, this is my first post, I’ve been reading the community for a bit, I’m using the platform for few months now and planning to slowly move my main portfolio from another broker here. So if there is something wrong with the post or his allocation sorry in advance and please let me know. :slight_smile:

Now going to the reason of the post, I noticed that Enel (ENL) and Unicredit (CRIN) have problems on chart and trading.

  • Enel can be traded but the charts of 1D, 1W and 1M are not properly working and the price is not correct (Ex: now says 6.395 while the real price is 6,1220 at the moment of writing).

  • Unicredit can’t be traded at all.

Now, I know that T212 doesn’t have Borsa Italiana, but I was wondering if that would be the problem, even tho they are listed and visible under the German SE.

Thanks in advance for the check and the answers.

Hi @Tony.V maybe you could help me with this one as well? :slight_smile:

Hello, @Francesco!

Regrettably, we’re experiencing some issues with our intermediate related to Italian stocks listed on the German SE. We’re working on a solution.

Thanks Martin, I was afraid so.
Do you have by any chance an ETA for this issue?
Especially for Enel because is actually the only real important one for me that I wanna transfer from my Italian broker in here. The rest of the Italian market I can miss it for now (hopefully you will get Borsa Italiana at one point :slight_smile: )

I’ll check with the team and get back to you if we can give you an ETA.

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The issue is rather regulatory than a technical. We are trying to find a workaround but can’t provide you with an ETA.

Ok, thanks for the informations.

Is this the reason why Enel is no longer trading on T212 under the Frankfurt Exchange?

I was searching it to invest, as I remembered that it was on here but on the german stock exchange…