Please add ENEL (Italian Stock) to Invest Account

Can you please add ENEL to invest account. It is already available in the CFD account.



ENEL CHILE and AMERICAS is on invest not sure if right stock but I’m buying these two Monday morning haha

There is currently no access to Italian stocks.

We did have access to Enel on the german stock market, however I don’t remember why but they took it off. Maybe they can add it back there.

I would also be interested in Enel.

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I think for low volume

You mean that the german listing of Enel has very low liquidity?

Yes, it happened that I asked for some stocks to add and they said “ok we added them but from this exchange because there are more volumes”.
Anyway, I’m italian and I want to be far as possible from italian stocks so I don’t understand why you want trade them.
In any case some month ago @Team212 said that they were working with the italian stock exchange to add italian stocks (bureaucratic stuff…), but I think it wont happen before they add canadian stocks.

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I actually have 3 Italian stocks in mind, 2 IT related and Enel.

Well you have to wait if you want invest in them. If you want just trade them you can use CFDs, but remember that there are swaps to pay :man_shrugging:.

I am not getting anywhere near CFDs :smiley:, at least not without fully understanding them, which I don’t.

Anyway, the italian stocks are not critical for me, but it would be nice to have them :slight_smile:.


I want to invest in ENEL. It has a lot of potential. They are the only players on the Italian market with a huge e-mobility infrastructure plan. More than 10k charging stations installed. Gas pumps gone they’re gonna take their place.

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I would also be very interested in Enel …please add this stock


I reality Need in Trading212 the Italian Stock Exchange and ETF. Pls @Team212 @Tony.V