Urgent. ACB not open even though the market is open

So Aurora Cannabis is open for half hour, and on the platform it’s not showing on.

Same problem, cant believe this is happening…

If you’re referring to the CFD, it’s closed because it’s “Victoria Day” in Canada which is a stock market holiday. Our ACB CFD is traded on its primary exchange - Toronto.
What you’re viewing online is probably NYSE/NASDAQ listed - there’s a difference between the two.


Ugh damn it. It’s mooning. Thanks Dave.

I’m sure, like many here, I thought that it was linked to the NYSE, although I’m aware we are not actually buying shares when trading on the CFD platform. Usually, if there’s a public holiday that means the stock market is closed, there is message but nothing this time.
I suppose the main question is; will the fact that the stock is continuing to “rocket” be reflected in the price we see when the Toronto stock exchange opens again in the morning?

It will, and it will burn my stomach cause i knew it will jump.

So you knew it would jump but didn’t buy on friday?


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Obviously I didn’t knew about the holiday, nor did I want to hold over the weekend.

Could have shared with rest of us, there is ACB on invest account which is on NYSE. :slight_smile:

I did actually buy it on Friday but didn’t know the “CFD” version was…
(a) Trading on the Toronto exchange and not the NYSE, or
(b) There was a public holiday in Canada today.
I took advantage of the leverage on offer but would certainly have cashed in my chips before now, so I will wait to see if this turns out to be a lucky break or not. Even if it finishes high today, it could “gap down” on opening tomorrow.

I just want to blow up my car now… It’s up $19.
Next time

I think till this morning trading 212 were showing up markets to be opened this morning, Did you just find out that there is a public holiday ?

Seems the bet is not going in your favor today.

Why did the public holiday not reflect on trading hours till now ? you found this all of sudden that there is a public holiday ?

@priyavartk :canada: markets were never shown as “open” today. What do you mean by “did not reflect”?

Lesson learned. I might want to change my outlook on weekend holding.