Pre-market Trading

Just placed a pre-market order for a US OTCBB stock and it got filled, I thought t212 doesn’t support pre-market trading yet or have I missed the announcement.

You’ve missed the announcement, you get 1.5 hrs before open.


Just to add I doubt many people know about it as they didn’t shout about it that much.

Basically it was 1hr before, and then extended further to 1.5hr.


eh thanks, no idea how I missed that, I check the board at least once a day. Do they support PM trading as well.

You should have received a notification like this:
No After-Hours for now.

As of 19/01/21 OTC Markets will be extended by 30mins. New market hours are 13:00GMT to 21:00GMT

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Nope not yet and its just OTC.

We are also starting to see threads with confused customers who see “Market Open” and think well the market is open, when its not.

It needs a visual distinction in the app either saying “pre-market open” or at the very least colour the info chart to highlight what is pre and what is standard hours.

@David @Rumen @Wit @Tony.V @anyone can you please update the app to make it clear. :pray:


Do we have any idea when we will have access to NASDAQ and NYSE?

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This would be the dream! I trade with both T212 and TradeZero, I prefer T212 1000% literally the best platform ever, my only issue is we are not given access to pre market/afterhours with a cash account so I have to use tradezero for that! I really hope they add this as tradezero interface is so bad, I hate using it.