Add S&P 500 (SPY)

It’s available of cfd but not investing accounts

please add

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SPY is a US domiciled ETF which cannot be sold in Europe. There are many other S&P 500 ETFs that you can buy instead. VUSA IUSA HSPX…

As far as I am aware, as Richard mentioned the ETF must be UCITS, not US based etc…

The UCITS billing is a mark of quality assurance that means your ETF conforms to European Union regulations designed to protect the general public from unsuitable investment vehicles.

If you fancy reading a bit more on this, take a look at:


Yes it is :joy: vanguard do it and so do ishares search S&P 500 :+1:

It’s not the same ticker. Op was asking for a specific etf.

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They are all the same thing! They all track the same thing

Different charges iirc

Not quite. They ‘aim’ to track the same index, but achieve this with varying results. They are not identically replicated.

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