ETFs - SPY, QQQ etc

Is it possible to access ETF’s such as SPY, QQQ etc on 212? If not, is there a reason why and could they be added?


They cannot be added because they are US domiciled and not UCITS compliant. Therefore they cannot be sold in Europe to retail clients. Search SPY or UCITS. There are many many posts about this.

Okay, thank you for that.
Would Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VUSA) be the closest available option to SPY on 212?

Yes, VUSA or IUSA or HSPX. They hold exactly the same investments as SPY, but VUSA pays a smaller dividend than SPY, since 15% US withholding tax is paid by Vanguard before a dividend is distributed to you. (That tax is not reclaimable and cannot be taken as a credit against local tax on the dividend.) SPY has no such tax deduction as it is aimed at US investors, who will pay the tax via their US tax returns.

EQQQ is on T212 and is the same as QQQ. great investment that.

That’s great, thank you both for your help!