Add Trailing Stop Loss To Invest

dammnn i hope they will change it in future haha

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And here I thought proper risk management was knowing the company well enough to not have to rely on stops or other automated means of making investment decisions.

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You can still do DD on volatile stocks, the trailing stop is super useful on swing plays with having to manually keep moving it up to follow. I don’t like seeing that I’ve stepped away from looking at my phone for a couple hours that it peaked and dropped and the trailing stop would have got me way more profit.

Sure if I’m picking sensible long term stocks then trailing stop loss has less use, if at all, but could still come in handy for some. Everyone trades differently, I’m all for it. :man_shrugging:

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@Dao i studied market nature for years… so i don´t need to know the company very well perse, but still risk managment is still aquired even if i know every step on the makret… at the end of the day im still human, so i can make tiny error which prevents me from a big loss

I understand it now haha it took me for a while because the stop loss works diffrent on forex.
So for the guys who didn’t figure out.

Let’s say you bought 10 shares at price of 15$ and you want your stoploss at 13$.
so you click sell on your position/trade and then move to the tab stop. you fill in 10 shares. then you fill the in the price of 13$. so your order is pending… so when the price reaches 13$ the pending order gets triggered… so that means that your position will close at that price !

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It wouldn’t necessarily sell at that specific price but it should be near to that price unless it’s either falling fast or it gap downs on open. It could also just touch the $13 to trigger and go back up so buy the time the order executes you could get more. The stop is just a trigger point for a market buy at the best price going.

And a stop limit instead could trigger still at say $13 and allows you to enter a minimum say $11. That should mean you will always get $11 per share as a worst case. The only time that you wouldn’t get a sell at all is if it then jumped from above $13 to below $11 in one move and stayed below $11 (you would only get it executed if it came back up at or above $11)

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if there was trailing stop feature on Invest, I’d finally switch from demo to money account…

I find it hilarious anyone would think a suggestion or a feature that could be assistance for someone is a bad thing. Having the feature wouldn’t mean you are forced to use it so chill.

When will this happen?

When are we going to have trailing stop loss on invest. Its really very much needed.
Would be very appreciated if it is included.

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@David Or any other 212 representative, can you give us an update when this feature will be implemented