Managing Stop losses in ISA

Hey All.

I am a new user and have been playing around with the demo accounts, waiting for my money from my old broker to be transferred back.

The stop loss for the ISA. Is there a way to manage it with out always having to cancel your pending order then creating a new one?

I am doing this way…

create a BUY - Market Order


create a SELL - Stop order at my get out price

My SELL order would then just sit in pending. But is there a way to actively manage it, for example the share price sky rockets, and I want to move my stop up? Is it a case of cancelling my previous stop and creating a new one?

Id love to be able to see your stop orders on the chart too. Is that possible?

You’re talking about a trailing stop loss. This is available on the CFD platform. Somebody else can confirm if it is available on the Invest platform, but I think not.

Well you don’t have to cancel as such if you press on the existing one (or double click on the web app) then it’s open again so you can adjust and save changes.

But yeah the Invest/ISA doesn’t have a trailing stop so it’s up to you to move it up to follow the action.

And you can’t see the stop loss on the chart either.

In the Invest/ISA where you can only go long you can’t switch to the sell chart either it’ll just show the current ask.

Thanks @phildawson this is kinda what I was asking. Of course trailing stop loss would be ideal, but I just didn’t want to keep cancelling and creating.

Just tested how you described, and that will work for the time being until they give trailing ones for the ISA. I have a spreadsheet, keeping track of my stop positions so just need to keep an eye on that and adjust when needed

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I think trailing stop loss is in the pipeline but no delivery date as yet.


A few people have requested it but not seen any confirmation it will be worked on.


Personally I haven’t even thought about stop loss order or anything similar on ISA. And I highly doubt omg I am x% down I have to sell is a good approach for long term investment.

When/If I decide to sell something, it usually takes months for me to offload that. More than 50% of my portfolio I haven’t touched over 10 years.


That’s also my view on it but it won’t stop some people from wanting it and selling while down after buying at the top

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