Added ETF information

When will we have ETF information listed in app such as top holdings, dividend yield etc?


Agreed, the current ETF info needs a revamp!

you could use services such as though? Agree though…it would be nice to have it in app

Sure. And I do, but whilst in the app … some basic info would be nice.

Yes, info on Etf’s would be most welcome.

Lots of ETF info on FinKi

Works infinitely faster if you subscribe to the ETF API too… just sayin’ … could feed the T212 app with a FinKi ETF data feed in standard JSON… all ETFs… easy… cheaper and better than other vendors too! Probably!

Edit: ouch… yeah the web version is slow… partly intentional partly laziness… proper API feed is instant… ouch!

I just searched for CSP1 and EMIM it returned nothing :frowning:

Yep. It’s a underlying STOCK search not an ETF search

Ie. Search for TSLA or MSFT

Or, if you need to search by actual ETF, then manipulate the final results URL to include your ISIN, in your case, say, IE00B5BMR087

It’s a common misunderstanding

I’ll try to fix it or make it clearer next week when I’m back in civilisation

Ps… server running very slow… millions of API calls being made by everyone… thank you, but, hey, chill !!!

Just got a chance to play with your site, useful!

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Tying this into pies. I wonder if the ‘estimated yield’ of pies takes into account ETF distributions as they are not displayed on the detailed info on T212